Bay Street Hoops Annual Tournament

baystreethoopsFrom it’s humble beginnings in 1995, the Bay Street Hoops tournament now features close to 50 teams, divided into six men’s divisions and one women’s divisions, representing all skill levels. Last year, more than 600 players from Toronto’s leading law and accounting firms, financial services companies and other corporations, as well as hundreds of spectators and volunteers, attended the tournament and its related events.Drive for Dreams Foundation is one of two main benefactors of the annual fundraising tournament, receiving 25% of the proceeds annually. This outstanding and generous donation offers the much-needed funding required for our mission to continue, and we thank all who participate and donate their time and effort in past years.

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To our Volunteer Supporters – Thank You!

“Success has a thousand fathers” – and all of them are volunteers

None of what we do would be possible without the thousands of hours of volunteer work done by our coaches, managers and administrators (and their spouses who put up with all this).
Our volunteer staff take on duties and jobs which are often difficult and demanding. Many times, they are called to stand in as advisors, confidantes and parental figures. They can sometimes be undeservedly criticized by some, yet they do it because they want to give back; to help out just like they were helped when they were growing up; to help a kid reach his potential; to see that sparkle in their eye when they accomplish a goal. Whatever the reason, they deserve our gratitude and tremendous respect for what they do and we hope they take great pride in their accomplishments in the past and into the future.

Our Corporate Sponsors

“To our Sponsors, we thank them for their generous financial support and hope that they feel – like we do – that their money is being put to good use. They are helping change the course of people’s lives and build role models for future generations to emulate. The return on their investment is very efficient and the pay back is extremely strong – we hope that we have been able to illuminate that…and that they will renew their support in the future.”

Michael Simonetta

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